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4 Powerful Twitter Tools Every Marketer Should Know About

4 Powerful Twitter Tools Every Marketer Should Know About

Twitter is an important marketing channel. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms. Here are a few tools to help you manage your Twitter marketing campaigns.


Hootsuite and Buffer are the two most popular social media scheduling tools. You can post to multiple accounts at once, or you can schedule tweets to be sent out in advance. This will allow you to tweet at all times of the day without wasting time.


Twitonomy is a great tool that gives you detailed analytics about your Twitter account and about your followers. You’ll find out what your followers are interested in, which followers engage with you the most, where in the world your followers are located and much more. You can also monitor any Twitter user; this is a great way to learn more about your competition. Reports can be exported and downloaded.


The best way to get more exposure and followers on Twitter is to go with what works. Find out what gets the most shares and then create and share similar content. Buzzsumo is the perfect tool for this. Just type any keyword into their search bar and you’ll find out which content recently got the most shares on Twitter and other social channels.


Ever wondered at what time of the day you should be tweeting? Tweriod is a tool that will analyze your tweets and your followers to find out when your tweets get the most engagement. You can then use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweets for that time period.

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