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Live Streaming Strategies for Engagement and Flow

Live Streaming Strategies for Engagement and Flow

photo by Mevo Livestream

Photo via Mevo live Stream

Creating a quality live stream does not require a massive set up. With preparation, it's done with ease, generating value for you and your audience.

Categorizing types of live streams

There are about four different categories of live streaming. Consider level I streaming as a raw type of video using your phone. This type of video is up close and personal. A level II video is a “self stream” as well but with additions made to your phone. You can add a stabilizer to make your video more level, a tripod or lens to increase video quality. A level III video utilizes software on your computer to further enhance streaming. Level IV streaming is tv quality with an appropriate camera and lighting.

Creating a consistent schedule

The first part of your strategy is choosing a video level or type and staying consistent. Live streaming is both a marketing strategy and an engagement strategy. Staying consistent will help your brand stay “top of mind” and not be forgotten. Choose a weekly format, picking a day and time and stick with it. While you may want to conduct research to choose the best day and time to engage with your audience, the best time is when it’s best for your schedule. When you commit to your audience, they will commit to you. Select a time that is most cohesive with your schedule so you’re fully prepared for every live stream.

Generate interest for your stream

Have a buzz-building campaign in order to bring your target audience into your journey. If your brand is new to live streaming, share personal videos of how you’re going to name the show, time the show, etc. You can get creative with these personal live streams; show off the office dog, share behind the scenes content.

Use your content to the fullest

The conversation continues after your live stream. It’s not all about the live numbers of how many people attended your stream. Many people can gain value from your show after the stream. If your live stream is on Facebook, it's possible to "boost" the replay to reach more people. You can also repurpose live stream content into an info-graphic, podcast or article. Contact our experts for customized video marketing strategies.

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