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Brand Ambassadors: An Effective Strategy for Community and Influence

Brand Ambassadors: An Effective Strategy for Community and Influence

When you’re ready for brand ambassadors to promote your business, start simple but think strategically. Begin where you are with what you have and deploy strategy to build an authoritative conversation around your brand.

Target your own community first

To generate more advocates of your brand, start in your own backyard. Create subgroups of your audience out of the brand advocates you may already have. If you haven’t segmented advocates from your audience, you can find them by inviting them into a group.

A community worthy of a brand ambassador

Email your list and ask them to watch and subscribe on YouTube. Move your best content from YouTube to Facebook and boost it until you reach at least 1,000 fans. Email your new list of brand advocates and ask them to join a Facebook group; tell them to invite like-minded people. The purpose of creating the subgroup is developing a message that everyone can rally behind collectively. Reach out to an expert for assistance in building your baseline community.

How to find ambassadors

One crucial metric to measure ambassadors by is their following. When it comes to searching for brand ambassadors, you're looking for influencers. Strong influencers could have followings that are bigger than your audience. Analyze the influencers in your space and reach out to them. Offer to pay and make the connection by promoting your brand through the ambassador's social media channels. This will help get the attract thought leaders to your brand because there is a community and a conversation revolving around it.

Get attention of thought leaders

Your brand ambassadors will help you become the topic of discussion of thought leaders in your space. Having your brand discussed by massively influential people adds priceless value to your brand.

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