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Four Places to Market Your Event Online

Your organization just booked the venue and set the date for your next major event. Now that you're ready to send out save the dates, how do you plan to get the word out? These days, the major way to get local word of mouth going involves more than just posting flyers around the city. The world has gone digital, and to let people know about your event, you're going to need to go online.

Here are four places you'll want to post your next event on the internet.

1. Your Website

The first place you want to publicize your event is your website, which is where most of your audience goes to learn about your organization's latest news. Placing the event on your home and events page is obvious, but consider also writing a short blog post discussing the event. Blog posts engage readers and improve SEO.

2. Your Newsletter

Fans of your organization who don't regularly go to your website but check their email regularly can read about the event if you list it in your organization's regular newsletter. Add the event to your weekly or monthly digest, and send out additional emails publicizing just the event.

3. Facebook

Get a younger and more social media oriented crowd by creating a Facebook event for the organization. Using Facebook's tools, you can invite friends to the event, share it on your organization's page, and boost the event to a local audience for a small amount of money.

4. Local Event Sites

Third party event sites will post your organization's event for free or a nominal fee. These sites, which you can find through asking around locally or a simple online search, are a great way to get fresh eyes viewing your event.

Do you need help publicizing events or with other digital marketing needs? Contact us to hear more about how we can help you.

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