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4 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Want to succeed on Facebook? Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, and it is important to get your Facebook marketing strategy right. Avoid these common Facebook marketing mistakes.

Not Being Real

Automating your posts is a great way to save time and keep engaged with your audience. However, you can not automate everything. You have to check in and do some stuff to show that you are real. Reply to and like comments. Like when people mention you in posts or share your posts. Ask questions and reply to comments.

Not Focusing On Images

Images are the most important part of Facebook posts. Most posts should contain an image, not just text. People are very visual by nature, and high-quality images will attract their attention when scrolling through their news feed. Do not use stock images. Do not use blurry phone images either. Invest in high-quality custom images.

Posting Too Many Links

Links are great. You can post links to interesting blog posts and videos. However, Facebook does not like posts that have links, because they take users away from Facebook. Posts without links tend to get more exposure and engagement.

Not Doing Live Videos

Facebook Live videos usually appear at the top of users' news feeds. This means that to get maximum exposure, you should do live videos every once in a while. To g

et even more exposure when doing a live video, promote it on your other social channels and to your email list.

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