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How to Rule Instagram Marketing with Video

There's no way to have a competitive edge in the information age without a strong online presence. As a business owner who's already looking to tend to your organization and client needs, finding time to handle the changing landscape of social media and online marketing can be daunting. Fortunately there's a short and sweet answer: Video. If you're looking into using social media for marketing, understanding this powerful tool can be a much needed addition to your online identity. In this article, we'll look at how adding video to your Instagram campaigns can set you apart from competition and boost your engagement.

  • Live Stream to make an impression in Real Time.

One of the most powerful and underutilized marketing tools is video content. Live streaming is a quick, easy way to pique interest of prospective consumers. It also conveniently sends a notification to your followers to let you know you've gone live and enticing them to check out your video while it happens. If you're working in events, adding a live stream will help attendees who couldn't make it still feel involved and become more excited about the next opportunity.

  • Act Natural.

Nothing turns off the social savvy generation like ads that are trying too hard to sell them something. While that might seem frustrating at first, think of it as the internet's way of keeping you true to yourself. Consider posting some behind the scenes footage, moments with your employees, or showcase what you love about what you do and how it's done. Fortunately, you don't have to get caught up in the details when it comes to online video, just be yourself!​

  • Tell Your Story

Instagram stories are a powerful way to earn a person's interest because they offer a look into what your brand is like right now. Use videos to show people behind the scenes, exhibit your playful personality, or show how much hard work and care goes into your business. You'll be at the top of your followers' feed with other Instagram stories as a bonus level of exposure. Your story feed also allows you to post and explore a wider variety of content while keeping your regular feed consistent with photos that are in line your overall brand.

You could be missing out if you're not using video marketing to its full potential. Adding live moments that feel interactive can be a huge hit that will attract loyal followers. If you're looking to add video to your marketing strategy and need some guidance, contact us at Crowd Siren.

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