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Why Content Creation is the Most Vital Part of Modern Marketing

As the marketplace becomes increasingly digital, businesses face both a problem and an opportunity. If traditional advertising methods are imported into the digital space, prospective customers will be turned off. This is partially why, according to Nielsen, the average person stays on a website for less than 20 seconds. 20th century advertising methods are unsuited to the 21st century digital marketplace. While businesses are certainly aware of this, the low average time a typical user stays on a website shows that this awareness is at best, imperfect. The moment that internet users see something that feels like an ad, they're likely to turn their backs on your website, taking their money with them.

The solution to this problem is to create content that is helpful or entertaining. Your business should feel like a friend to your prospective customers, who are still looking for the benefits of your product or service, but don't want to feel like they're being sold. Content that highlights your product or service in ways that feel educational or entertaining has a much better chance of converting than content that feels like an ad. Your prospect usually needs to feel a sense of trust or companionship with you before they're in the mood to buy from you. Building this sense of trust and companionship is what your content should be doing and that's why it's so vital in your customer acquisition process.

However, creating content that builds trust or entertains prospects requires a lot of effort. Talking about your company and the product or service you offer is easy. Talking to prospects in their own language and gaining their trust and companionship requires a lot more effort. Customer acquisition can take a lot of time away from managing other aspects of your business. We can streamline this process and make it far easier for you, creating the engaging, trust-building content that digital shoppers crave while you're managing your business, confident that your customer acquisition process is solid.

It's important that you get your online content strategy right, and that you get it right now. Otherwise, you never will, since people have a bad habit of not acting until it's too late. Don't think that you're an exception. To get a team of experienced professionals to craft just the right content for your customers, contact us.

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