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How to Fix Your Broken Facebook Strategy

There's no one right way to run a Facebook campaign or even your company's whole channel. But there are a lot of pitfalls that can make your hard work fail. Here are five changes you should make as soon as possible:

1. Have themes.

Whatever you're posting, you need to be posting it for a reason. While random posts might be viewed or liked, they aren't a scalable tactic. So create different 'tracks' or 'themes' of posts and don't neglect any of them. Themes could include your core product, local news, and seasonal tips.

2. Post more often.

The average life of a Twitter post is eighteen minutes, and Facebook isn't much better. Set a schedule for your posts and stick to it. Even better, use a bot or a marketing management service that can find the peak times for releasing your Facebook posts so you can load the queue and go on with your day.

3. Make a clearer CTA.

Not all of your posts should be directly promotional. That makes you look spammy or boring. But your posts should end with some sort of call to action. Whether you're encouraging your viewers to share the post, click the post for more, or click to start shopping on your site, pick one and make it crystal clear.

4. Don't make text-only posts.

If you're following the second tip, you have a lot of content you need to start creating. But don't sacrifice quality for quantity. Nobody likes text-only posts. Even individual, non-commercial users will turn their sentence into a graphical square. So take the extra time to make the essential video and image components.

5. Give your traffic a destination.

It's not enough to have good Facebook posts. If your posts actually persuade someone to click on them, you have to keep the momentum going. Make sure each post leads to the right landing page for the post's target audience. Those views and clicks need to convert to customers.

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