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How Social Media is Becoming the New eCommerce for Millennials

Marketing has always been greatly important to a successful business no matter the industry. Whether you are an online retailer specializing in wristwatches or a wedding photographer, your business needs to be advertised and marketed to the proper audience. Part of this involves creating a brand and then establishing brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is acquired when you successfully target your ideal audience and convince them that your company is their company of choice. With eCommerce becoming a huge sector of retail sales each year, online business is taking on a new form. Social media is providing an interesting platform for businesses to market and sell their products/services to their target audience in a surprisingly effortless and successful fashion.

According to research, the average person spends over an hour and forty minutes on social media websites per day. While they are soaking up information and learning about their personal interests, they are also silently being marketed to. Social media influencers are now being paid vast sums of money for a single post to their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account. Why one may ask? Because these posts are generating trends and increasing exposure for a multitude of products and services. Many businesses are embracing social media as an inexpensive form of advertising. The well-regarded rule of business is that the more visible your business is, the more successful it shall become.

Beyond paying influencers and social media stars, businesses are using websites like Pinterest to successfully demonstrate how amazing their products/services are. Whether it is a perfectly decorated room using products only from Target, a creatively themed party using items strictly from the Dollar Tree or the masterfully prepared unicorn cupcakes from a local bakery, the interestingly visual posts are strangely effective for inspiring followers to attempt to recreate the images they see.

So much about online shopping lies in knowledge acquiescence and a positive experience. Social media has the unique quality of providing both of those services. By seeing a social media star that you look up to informing you and encouraging you to buy one of their favorite products, you feel strangely closer to that person. It is similar to the word of mouth advertising you may get from your friends. You believe what they are selling. According to studies, 59% of consumers say that social platforms have made it easier to get questions answered. Now companies like Facebook and Instagram are creating "Buy Now," links to make it easier to find the products/services that are inspiring their website users.

Originally social media was all about building brands and brand loyalty. Now with the evolution of the "Buy Now" feature, eCommerce is becoming a more integrated process with social media. In today's business climate, it is no longer good enough to have a well-designed website. Exposure across all forms of social media presents a decisive advantage with today's consumer. By using a company like Crowd Siren, you can bring your business to the next level with professional social media and content marketing. For more information about social media or e-commerce, contact us at Crowd Siren, experts in social media solutions.

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