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Repurpose Your Content to Create More Exposure

Every website needs a blog. Content is what drives online searchers to your website. That means loading up your business blog and website pages with helpful, meaningful content. The more questions you can answer, the more likely search engines are to direct traffic to your site for all of the questions.

But thinking about a blog as a place for textual content is limiting. Your business blog should start with text, and it should expand from there. The best (and the easiest) way to do this is by repurposing your content.

What does repurposing your content mean?

If you have an article that knocks all comparable articles out of the park, you need to capitalize on that good content by transforming it into different forms of media. A traditional article can become:

  • graphical content: slideshows, infographics, and short tips that are transformed into a picture for social media shares.

  • video: how-to videos, animations over simple narration, and illustrative explanations.

People prefer images and video to traditional text, especially if they're looking for answers. If you move beyond text, you can show your visitors what something looks like for better understanding. It's also easier for them to consume the content if they just have to listen to it and follow along with the images instead of reading.

How does repurposing content help your company?

The hardest part of creating content is coming up with new things to say. But if you can transform your preexisting content across multiple channels, it's a lot easier to find new ways of reaching your audience and updating the content to match different customer personas.

Repurposing your content also lets you know more about what your subscribers and customers before. If you have the same content focus in a video and an article but the article is more popular, you know which media format to focus on. Starting from a text and working outward also means you have the transcript and text files to help bots understand more complex media productions. That helps you stay high-ranking across all your platforms.

For more ways to use, transform, and repurpose your content, go to Crowd Siren.

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