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Marketing to Millennials: Interaction Matters

Millennial Marketing

When using social media to market to millennials, you can capitalize on their intense Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Millennials want to be involved, and they want to be in control, more importantly, they don't want to miss a thing. Millennials spend more time on social media than any other consumer group, and they click past content that doesn't interest them. Because of this, passive advertising isn't going to work as well. Millennials will skip ads and ignore them whenever they can.

Instead, marketing gurus are learning that interactive posts, user-generated content and live stories are the ideal pathways into the hearts of millennials. By coming up with interactive ways to engage millennials on social media, brands will be able to gain exposure and popularity with millennial consumers.

Live streaming

As traditional tv and cable usage declines, today's consumers are turning to streaming services more and more. Facebook recently rolled out their Premieres service allowing brands to schedule and debut videos as live moments while Instagram has been having success with their stories for several years, they recently have allowed live broadcasts as well.

More and better video content has a high impact on millennial engagement.

User-generated content

Companies who utilize real, human, influencers will have the most success with a millennial audience. They crave authenticity. So, retweeting, regramming and reposting items with your brand's hashtag is an excellent way to grow your audience. Millennials engage with popular brands online when they see footage of others using a product or service.

Interactive Posts

Coming up with interactive ways to engage an audience on social media is so user-friendly now that social platforms allow for things like polls, surveys, contests, and personalized content.

Connecting to your audience is easier than ever. Check out some more ideas here for marketing to millennials on your various social media platforms.

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