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Should you Focus on Influencer Marketing or Online Media Marketing?

Influencer Marketing Improves Trust between a Brand and its Consumers

Is influencer marketing still relevant in 2019, when people are less trusting of brand messages delivered by famous entertainers? It would explain the shift towards sponsorships with a preference for influencers. These are people who have huge Twitter followings, thousands of YouTube subscribers, or have become a mainstream niche expert. You'll need the support of an influencer's followers to boost your brand's authority. This is the perfect opportunity to grow your online presence, engaging with a more diverse audience.

There's no doubt that recommendations made by an influencer are viewed as more trustworthy than advertisements broadcasted by the company itself. One case study shows that Jeana Smith, a YouTube vlogger, uploaded a video promoting the Marriott app. And it ended up pulling in four million views, making the hotel chain's campaign a huge success. However, this method is best suited to iconic brands with corporations backing them.

If a well-known influencer is a content creator in the same niche as your brand, then you should run a campaign about them. There are experienced content marketers who will help you connect with influencers so they can offer constructive feedback on your products' features, in turn, posting about them on their own social media pages.

Positioning Your Brand as an Industry Expert with Online Media Marketing

On the other hand, online media (aka content) marketing has its perks too. This strategy improves your brand's credibility, especially when you provide positive testimonials about your services from previous customers. One example is Glossier, a beauty company with an Instagram page, full of user posts about using their skin cream. In time, you can cultivate stronger relationships with your customers, by keeping them informed about your available services using blog posts or even an FAQ page.

What would give you an advantage over your competitors? Sometimes, having attractive designs on your website or introducing innovative uses for your products will bring people back. Media marketing success is determined by how much traffic your site receives. But for content, you don't have to manage multiple social media accounts if you repurpose published articles across channels. To distribute your brand further, why not publish an E-book or schedule a webinar for people to attend?

Content marketing is one of the best, cost-effective methods of developing a brand, with the potential to reach millions of viewers on social media platforms. But in conclusion, you can't have one without the other. Contact us at Crowd Siren, if you need to increase your number of followers or have professional photos, blogs, and videos posted on your accounts.

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