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2020 Marketing Trends

2020 has just started. So it's not possible to go over its trends and figure out what seems to be doing well. However, we can look back at 2019 and try to predict what's going to be big in 2020 and what isn't. If you generally look at the way marketing has been going the last five years or so, you'll find that certain ideas have grown more and more popular while others have faded away. Here are some things you're sure to see more of in 2020:

  1. Social Media Marketing: This has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. Even fields which you might not have earlier imagined taking off online have started doing so. For example, there are now a number of poets with large followings on Instagram. So even poetry, a much-neglected field in recent times, has taken off on social media.

  2. Inbound Marketing: The previous idea of outbound marketing, in which you reached out to the consumer to sell your product or service, is slowly being replaced by inbound marketing in which the consumer reaches out to you instead. This gives them more freedom to look up whatever they want and eliminates the idea of coercion which had become a part of outbound marketing.

  3. Transparency/Authenticity: With more and more people demanding honesty from the companies from which they buy their products, the idea of transparency and authenticity has been gaining ground. So companies have been revealing more and more about their processes, their policies, their working conditions etc.

  4. Relatability: As time goes on, more and more people are looking for relatability in the advertising that comes their way. In 2017, Vogue USA featured a plus-size model on its cover for the first time ever. So exclusivity is out but inclusivity is in. And this trend is likely to continue.

  5. Selling Experiences: As time goes by, more and more people are interested in buying experiences rather than just things. People will keep buying things, of course. However, you need to market those things in the framework of an experience. A dress is not just a dress. It's a dress that you wear to a party, dinner or work. In other words, wearing the dress will lead into a good experience in some way. This is what you'll want to emphasize in 2020.

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