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How to Use Pinterest Ads and Why It Is Important

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has maintained a steady growth reaching 300 million monthly active users worldwide by the end of the second quarter of 2019. And although other social media sites such as Facebook and twitter have higher numbers of monthly users, advertising on Pinterest has become one of the most sought after marketing strategies by brands. Here is why:

  • Primarily, Pinterest is used by users to save products, content, and ideas that they find valuable and will go back to at a later time with the intention of purchase. Compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest is the only platform where interaction primarily focuses on selling content or products.

  • 83% of weekly Pinterest users make a purchase inspired by Pins they have seen from brands.

How to Use Pinterest Ads

Pinterest pins ideally contain an image with a title, a caption, and a link to a landing page. Pinterest advertising works by allowing brands to pay for the strategic placements of their pins to effectively reach their target audience amongst the millions of Pinterest users, also known as Pinners.

Pinterest ads come in different formats that are characterized by different attributes. Therefore, depending on your aim for the ad campaign and targeted audience, you can select the most suitable format. Options for the Pinterest ads include:

Promoted Pins

These are pins that are boosted by Pinterest to deliver more reach. Just like regular pins, they appear on the home feed, search results and "more like this" section of Pinners but contain the promoted label.

However, when shared by a Pinner, the ad will lose the promoted tag, thus allowing a brand to get free exposure from subsequent repins. When promoted pins are tapped, they take the user to the landing page of the business account that promoted the pin.

Promoted Carousels

Promoted carousels feature 2 to 5 images in a single Pinterest ad where Pinners can swipe through the different images. Each of the photos can be of different products/services, titles, descriptions, and can link to different landing pages. Promoted carousels are especially beneficial for business with multiple products that attract different audiences.

Promoted Video Pins

In promoted video pins the static image is replaced with video content. But they appear and function just like promoted pins. Also, because a majority of Pinners tend to view videos without sound, it is important to develop video content for Pinterest that is not dependent on sound to communicate.

Promoted App Pins

These are pins aimed at attracting Pinners to download an app. The pins come with an Install button that links to a Google Play app store or iTunes URL to allow pinners to download your app from Pinterest directly. These mobile-only app pins function just like promoted pins or promoted video pins depending on the content of the pin.

Shop The Look Pins

These are pins that make it possible for Pinners to search for and buy products directly from the pin. Typically, these pins are images with multiple items, such as a fully furnished living room, whereby the items are tagged with white dots which, when tapped or clicked provide a link to information on the product.

An image can have anywhere between four to six dots representing tagged items. Shop The Look pins function just like promoted pins and appear on both mobile and web feeds and searches.

Looking To Grow Your Engagements With Pinterest?

Pinterest ads are what you should be taking advantage of now to increase engagement with potential clients and boost your sales. For assistance with Pinterest ad campaigns, Contact Crowd Siren today.

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