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4 Strategies to Connect With Your Audience Using Live Streams

Social media provides countless ways for you to connect with your audience, but none are more personal than the live stream. Responding to your followers directly and immediately makes your brand feel more human and less robotic. Here are four ways to take full advantage of live streams on any platform (including Periscope, Facebook, and Instagram).

1. Respond to as many questions as you can

It may seem self-explanatory, but when your followers ask questions in the live stream's chat, respond to them promptly and thoroughly. One reason users tune into live streams is to get answers to specific questions they might have about your brand. Take this opportunity to address as many unique questions as you can, and you can sell yourself as a brand that cares about its audience.

2. Put a charismatic spokesperson in front of the camera

There's nothing that will turn an audience off faster than a boring live stream. When a user tunes into a live stream, you generally only have a few seconds to capture their attention - if the stream is boring when they first open it, there is a good chance they will close it immediately. Since you cannot control when each user tunes into the stream, make sure to use a spokesperson or influencer who can successfully engage with an audience for the entirety of your live stream.

3. Start the live stream at peak hours

A successful live stream requires a good portion of your audience to be online. Don't start your live stream when the majority of your audience is busy - try to catch your followers during their lunch break or after their work hours to maximize visibility.

4. Don't stream too often

While live streaming is an effective tool when used in moderation, streaming too much can annoy your audience and make them less receptive to your brand. Your followers on social media will generally get notifications any time you start a live stream, and streaming too much can make them feel like they are being "spammed." If you only stream occasionally, however, you can make each stream feel like an event that your followers will be excited to tune into.

Keep these strategies in mind, and you should be able to use live streaming functionality on any social media platform to engage with your audience and build a personal connection with your followers. For more information, contact us.

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