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The Benefits of Brand Ambassadorship in Fashion

Since the dawn of advertising, the craft of giving brands identities continues to evolve. One classic print campaign with longevity was the Absolut Vodka advertisements. The clever implementation of the bottle shape in each advertisement lasted for four decades. The insurance company GEICO created simultaneous campaigns with zany characters with precision. Nike's "Just Do It" campaign has been around for decades.

However, we now live in a social media dominated market. Greater influences on product promotion exists through platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Their roles prove integral to the continuation of a brand's image. Brand ambassadorship involves being paid to promote and model a product. This is especially beneficial in the world of fashion. Clothing models are not just paid to look good in clothes. They are paid to bring life to them. Many influencers on Instagram use brand ambassadorship interwoven with visually stimulating scenarios. Sometimes, it is the joy of spending time with family. Other times, it involves going to an exciting destination. The landscape of an Instagram photo greatly influences brand success.

What is most intriguing is an influencer who engages their audience. In the world of fashion, clothing models access their audience through the use of coupon codes. If a potential customer wanted a pair of jeans worn by an influencer, the influencer would offer a coupon code to allow customers to purchase a potentially expensive product for a fraction of the price. Instagram stories are rife with product placement and methods and ways to wear the same clothes.

Fashion brand ambassadors make the companies they represent look good. Fashion brand ambassadors make themselves look good. Fashion brand ambassadors make you look good. If you would like to read more blogs on digital marketing like this one, please feel free to contact us for more information. We certainly want to know what you think and value your opinions.

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