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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Franchises

A franchise is a piece of the corporation puzzle. Don't let that hinder you from taking the initiative. Incorporate fresh ideas to propel the franchise to new heights. One way to grow the franchise is to use social media. While the corporation already offers social media tactics, franchises would do better if they added additional ideas. This is a list of benefits about social media marketing for franchises.

Local deals

The corporation offers deals that every franchise must adhere. Franchises can offer additional deals to attract local and out-of-town customers. Coupons, discounts, sales, and special offers at your local store or shop are online for many potential customers and clients to see.

Local networking

It's great when the corporation scores clientele to improve the entire spectrum. It's better when local franchises score personal victories by nabbing clientele to improve their business. When all franchisees secure business opportunities, clientele, and customers through networking, it grows the company faster than when the corporation networks on its own.

Sales hike

Local deals + local networking = increased sales. As you mention the latest news and updates sprinkled with local deals, customers and local businesses respond. Since most businesses use social media for promotion and interaction, you're bound to strike a deal. By walk-in, referral, or online purchase, that deal increases sales.

Marketing freedom

These benefits listed above wouldn't be possible without the freedom and flexibility to promote social media accounts in any way they wish. Social media allow franchisees to create individual and brand identity in their local area. Google rewards your hard work in social media marketing with a first page result each time someone uses the search engine.


Building a reputation is so vital. Trust is hard to come by online when there are so many fraudulent wannabes. As the account strengthens from conversations, promotions, and followers/connections/likes, the business-customer trust level increases. This is also a good defense in online reputation management should negative reviews threaten the company.

The great news is the path you choose to create brand identity is up to you. Include the social account as an extension stemming from the corporate site, produce the account from scratch, or dip from the best of both worlds. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Vimeo, and YouTube are at your fingertips, and the franchise can have an online presence tailored to their preference. Be sure to choose only as much as your business can handle without burnout. For more information on social media, contact us.

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