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How to Get Your Fans to Share Your Content

Social media without user engagement is You may have a great website and an active presence on several current platforms, but does it feel at times as though you're Tweeting into a black hole?

Here are five tips on how to get your fans to share your content.

Offer Rewards

Giveaways and incentives are a simple way to encourage post-sharing. Use them sparingly to boost effectiveness and keep people from burning out on your contests. An occasional giveaway offering something of value will generate more interest than daily contests to win logo merchandise that people don't truly want.

Go for the Laughs

People love to laugh and are quick to share text and images they find amusing, so seize any opportunity to bring humor into your marketing. Craft posts that highlight the levity in mundane topics.

Target Specific Feelings

As with funny posts, people tend to share things that move them. Words of inspiration and encouragement, stories of triumph and lessons of growth can be incorporated into your content to provoke re-posting.

Encourage Return Visits

While sharing of your posts is a great start, ultimately you want to create content that motivates your fans to return. Consider implementing weekly themes to your material so users know when to expect more of what they love. Monday Madness, FridayFun Facts or Wednesday WTFs are creative ways to keep your followers coming back for more.

Hire an Expert

Contact us for assistance in creating relevant social media movements. We're skilled in developing campaigns to engage users across various platforms for maximum impact.

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