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Avoid These 5 Annoying Habits on Social Media

Everyone uses social media these days. That doesn't mean that everyone makes a good impression or gets positive results. Sometimes the problem is simply lack of effort. Other times, however, both individuals and businesses do things that irritate and alienate their audience. To make sure you're not doing this, make sure you avoid these 5 annoying habits on social media.

  1. Over-promoting. Naturally, you want to get leads and sales from your social media efforts. However, too much direct promoting annoys your followers. People go on these sites for socializing, entertainment and information, not to read sales pitches all day. Good content makes people want to check out your website so you don't need to work so hard selling.

  2. Reposting the same content on multiple sites. Many of your followers probably see your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. If they see the same posts on all these sites, it's going to feel like you're spamming them. Be more discerning and plan a distinct strategy for every social media site you use.

  3. Posting too often. Posting too little is also a mistake, but this probably won't annoy your audience (though it might cause them to forget you!). Posting too much, however, is annoying. You can get away with posting more frequently on Twitter because the timeline moves so fast. On Facebook, however, twice per day is plenty. Find the social media posting schedule that's right for you but make sure you aren't overdoing it.

  4. Lack of engagement. It's called social media for a reason. If you never respond to questions and comments, don't expect people to keep posting to your links. Interact with your followers and always acknowledge it when they engage with you. This is doubly important if you provide customer service via social media.

  5. Posting boring, generic content. If you mainly post links to clickbait sites, stock photos, and news stories that everyone else is posting as well, people have no reason to follow you. Develop your own unique style and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

If you need help planning effective social media campaigns, contact us.

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