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Influencer Marketing vs. Online Media Marketing -- Which One Is For You?

Influencer Marketing vs. Online Media Marketing -- Which One Is For You?

You may have heard of companies using influencers on social media to get their brand out there and attract new customers. Now, you’re eager to try it out yourself. Not so fast! Influencer marketing is not for everyone.

Influencer marketing, as opposed to regular social media marketing, is great for huge corporations whose primary goal is brand awareness. By having a celebrity tweet about them to hundreds of thousands of followers, they are achieving that goal. But when it comes to using social media as a venue for attracting new customers, influencer marketing just doesn’t do the job.

Influencer marketing will not bring you targeted results. It brings social media visibility and can make impressions on a large scale for a quick bump. We prefer micro-influencer marketing which is the same idea, but more direct. Think of the mom who has 300 Facebook friends in your preferred city. If she checks into an event with her family on social media, her mom-friends are going to look!

Weather it is a celebrity or a local mom, more eyes on social media leads to a recognizable impression by a local figure of influence.

In addition, influencer marketing with celebrities is not sustainable as a long-term marketing strategy. This is great for brands whose reach needs a mass audience.If you're a smaller company, with a smaller marketing budget, micro-influencer can make a difference for you.

Pair this content marketing solution with the advanced targeting options of Facebook ads and this strategy can change the online face of your business, making your brand engaging, direct and authentic.

For help with your online marketing campaigns, please contact us.

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