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The Easy-to-Use Guide for Google+: Building Relationships with People in Your Industry

Do you need an easy-to-use guide for Google+ if you're just starting there? If you have a new business, it's about time you joined Google+ based on the easier methods of connectivity to people associated with your industry. While other social media sites can help you connect with people related to what you do, it's not always easy to stay connected on a regular basis. Google+ basically gives you better opportunities of nurturing relationships with business associates and your customers. But you have plenty other reasons to use it regularly.

Creating Your Profile

Once you register, you can easily create a profile page that looks very attractive with a standard status box and a place for your photo. Before you add anything more, though, go to the Google Authorship page and make selections for your profile picture to appear on everything you post online. This is an excellent feature that allows you to claim ownership on anything you write. It also helps prevent your work from being plagiarized online, which is far too common.

Once you have your Google+ profile set up, it's time to add some friends into the Circles feature.

Adding Friends to Circles

You can add friends by doing a search or seeing suggested people you may know on the main news feed page. When you add friends, they go into what's called circles where you can arrange them based on their respective industry or other category. This is a strong suit at Google+ because places like Twitter only do this with their more confusing Lists feature. Here, you can easily find the people you want to contact much like an address book feature.

Gaining Friends by Pressing +1

No doubt you've seen Google's +1 feature on articles all around the net. This enables you to share an article instantly to your Google+ profile. Just like any form of social media, you want to gain friends by sharing their content as well as your own. When that content goes to your profile page, your friends will get an idea of what you endorse and will kick off a symbiotic process of sharing that makes Google+ so useful.

Sharing Your Own Content on Your Profile Page

What makes Google+ especially good for placing your own content there is that it connects with other Google features like GMail. When you post something, automatic emails are sent to all your circle of friends. This prevents it from sitting and being ignored or getting lost in the shuffle when you post other content later.

Hashtags also play a factor on Google+ so your content can be easier found. While taken directly from Twitter, your chances for exposure are still doubled on Google+ thanks to the email alerts.

Using Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts have become one of the most useful connective strings to Google+, particularly in creating public or private chats. Many businesses are starting to use it for meetings as well as community chatting. With video chatting available for free, you can hold meetings there and be able to see everyone participating. This isn't something you can do on Facebook or any other social media site at the moment. Keep in mind, though, that the free video chat feature can only hold nine people at a time.

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By: Lauralie Ezra

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