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What is Content Creation?

Just a few years ago, businesses only had to write articles and stick their keyword in a few times to get a good page rank on Google. Doing this was relatively easy since quantity played a big role than quality.

Google then released a super team of Pandas, Penguins, Hummingbirds, and Pigeons to fix what was wrong with online marketing. To make the search experience better, Google started to factor quality and context more into its page rankings.

Marketers responded to Google's updates with a new focus on content creation. The difference is that you have to explain the relevance and importance of your articles in your writing.

According to a recent Entrepreneur article, this is the best way to engage your target audience online:

"The mainstream content marketing now requires something more to lure both search engines and the users. You need compelling content to engage the audience and persuade them to take intended action(s). This is no easy feat."

Creating good content isn't easy. You have to be a good writer, and that's not something everybody can say about himself.

But if you have a good writer on staff, then your next move is to promote your content. You can do so on these three platforms, in this order:

  1. Your website

  2. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr)

  3. Your email newsletter

Here's why it's so important to do it in that order. The whole point of content creation is to attract your target audience to your website. If you just post a new article then social media, then all you'll be doing is giving your followers food for thought.

But if you post your article or blog on your website first, then you have a link to share. When consumers click that link - either from social media or from an email - it'll direct them to your website. At this point, you have a lead, and it's up to you to finish the job.

To talk more about content creation, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks

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