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How to get your Fans to Share your Content

Everyone knows you have to get on social media and most everyone knows that a business which has no online presence is hardly a business at all. As an informed business owner who currently uses social media, how can you get your fans to share your content using social media? Here are some creative ways you can use social media in order to enhance your brand and get others to share your content:

Encourage Fellow Co-workers and Employees to Post/Like/Comment

If your own co-workers and the employees of your company are not following, sharing, posting, commenting, and liking your company’s social media sites and posts then you can bet your fans won’t either. You have to generate some conversation and the best way to do that is by allowing – and encouraging - the people within your company and industry to share experiences and thoughts about the business on the business social media sites. Fans are more likely to be attracted to a site that has a lot of interaction.

Quick Response

Communication and interaction on a social media site makes it look and feel like the company is very personable and approachable. Make sure you respond quickly and professionally to any questions or comments on your social media sites.

Interesting/Personal Stories

Share personal and interesting songs, videos, and stories with your fans. Do not only share promotional stuff.


Hold competitions with ACTUAL prizes – people like getting free stuff for little effort and you are sure to get more shares, likes, and comments this way. You could also share product discounts and specials.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about growing your fan base or improving your social media.

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