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Three Social Media Marketing Tricks that Millennials Respond To

Three Social Media Marketing Tricks that Millennials Respond To

The notoriously fickle millennial market stills eludes most businesses. This young generation lives on mobile devices and interacts almost exclusively on social media, requiring a specific marketing strategy to engage with them. Begin unlocking this expanding demographic with these simple tips.

An Authentic Tone

Millennials pride themselves on being able to spot a sales pitch from a mile away and they resist many traditional, aggressive sales techniques. Instead of approaching your posts like an advertisement, treat them like a friendly conversation between your brand and your customer. Keep your product at the center of this dialogue and ditch the over-explaining rhetoric.

An Active Appearance

Millennials want to see your brand in a more candid light. Since most of social media revolves around the sharing of images and video, this gives potential customers a window into your business. Rather than posting pictures that show static products, share pictures with models engaging with each other while your product is present. Your posts should mimic what your customer's own pictures and videos would look like so that as these customers scroll, your post (and your product) already reflects their personal life.

An Invitation to Engage

Millennials make very conscious decisions about the brands they choose to engage with and enjoy feeling included in their brands culture. To support this need, all major social media posts need to include a "call to action" for your customers. Whether you ask them to "post using your hashtag" or to "share their favorite product," each post will draw these customers in to your brand family.

For a more customized approach to the millennial market and help growing your social media presence, contact us today.

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