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Using the Everyday Person as an Influencer & Brand Ambassador

Using the Everyday Person as a Brand Ambassador

The use of influencer marketing is growing among companies of all types and their bottom lines are definitely seeing the benefits. While a great number of companies set their sights on enlisting a celebrity to vouch for them, more and more businesses are realizing that you don't need a brand-ambassador with thousands of followers to see a return on the investment! What about the everyday person who has an average of 300 local, targeted friends on different social media?

The average young person is just as active on social media as a celebrity, and sometimes even more. Plus, you can target their friends who live around them for promotions for a restaurant, event or local community building effort.

This means that there are more opportunities for the "smaller guys" to reach your customers, especially if you run a brick and mortar business. Typically, brands consider product placement through large "Youtubers" or celebrities. But, you don't actually know if you're getting in front of the right audience. As a brand, you want to ensure that your business is gaining coverage without it seeming out-of-place. Consumers are becoming increasingly more interested in seeing how "real people" use products as opposed to just doing whatever celebrities tell them to. Plus, if a "Friend" posts about a place, a brand or a location to their social media accounts, it's a much more trustworthy source than a huge celebrity.

Any brand-ambassador, famous or not, is going to come with their own set of followers which typically consists of like-minded people. Finding an ambassador that most closely represents your brand is a great way to get visibility among your target client base. This can include demographic targeting or even location-based influencers. Much of the time the social media followers of the local influencers are more likely to have some type of relationship with the potential ambassador. This adds a personal touch that not only reflects well on the business or product but the company as a whole.

In the age of social media advertisements, people are constantly being told, "sign up for this" or, "buy this". There's a growing sense of distrust in advertisements, as consumers are growing more and more aware of the use of endorsements to push products/brands. Enlisting smaller social media savants that closely connect to your brand will increase the quality of the potential clients you reach instead of just settling for a larger quantity.

We pride ourselves connecting you to your audience and micro-influencers with our local, Las Vegas list of social media users who fit into different demographics.

If you're interested in learning more about what we can do for you, contact us today.

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