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Facebook Advertising For Your Business

Here at Crowd Siren we use many different social networks and their respective tools to help brands spread their messages online. Over the past few years we have determined that the most popular network is Facebook (duh!), and its most powerful tool is Facebook Advertising (really?).

We know what you are thinking, and many other people agree that…

According to this Google search Facebook ads have a negative association. We are not here trying to defend the creepy, annoying, and uselessness of certain Facebook advertising techniques that other marketers implement. Like this one which showed up on the right hand side of my home stream:

Creepy check. Annoying check. I probably forgot to mention that I am a 35-year-old male. Useless check. This is the type of stupid ad, that gives Facebook’s advertising a bad reputation, and turns off most small business owners into using this amazing tool.

To answer the other Google search option “Facebook ads are they worth it”.

We simply reply, yes they are and here’s why:

With a modest budget, any small business can use Facebook ads to target new local customers, and keep their current fans engaged.

This should be the underling objective when designing a Facebook advertising campaign. Crowd Siren is here to help your business reach its target market, recruit new customers, and retain the fans that already love your business.

By. Todd R. Levy @ToddrLevy

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