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Branding with Your Logo: Using the Art of Simplicity to Bring the Essence of Your Business

Branding can sometimes get bogged down into thinking we have to encapsulate everything about our business in a logo. While it's true that your logo should attempt to bring the essence of your brand in one compelling visual, some businesses end up making their logo too busy graphically. When a logo looks overly cluttered, you may be sending a statement, but you ultimately aren't connecting directly with the public.

How do you create a logo that's simple enough to be remembered as an emblem rather than multiple images thrown all together?

Think of a Simple Object That Represents Your Company

All you need to think of is Apple or Nike to show how one image can represent a powerful brand. Think of an object that could represent your entire company. Regardless, don't think of something overly general that's already being used countless times.

Stop and think creatively with simple objects. Apple, for instance, managed to take the most basic image of an apple and took a bite out of it. While that might have come close to infringement from The Beatles, it still gave a powerful alteration.

Try finding simple objects and finding ways to place a twist on them. To be safer, it's a good idea to work with a graphic designer to create a simple amorphous graphic that conveys the essence of your company.

Choosing the Right Color

While the object you choose can help create visual awareness, using the proper colors will be where you create a feeling. Once your logo becomes assimilated into culture, the colors you use will be instantly recognizable the minute someone sees it. When they see it on your logo, it'll immediately give them an associative feeling to one of your products.

In the best scenarios, this could mean food and making someone feel hungry when they see that color. As an example, some people who eat meat get pangs for a hamburger when seeing the yellow arches at McDonald's.

Colors are overall designed to convey an idea of who you are. wrote a piece years back that described how certain branded colors bring out a specific message. If you've used colors before, you know about how white indicates simplicity and black signifies something classy or sophisticated. Every other primary color brings additional thoughts and feelings, so experiment with each one.

With these immediate basics, you can get started envisioning a logo for your business. Contact us here at Crowd Siren and we'll take you through the entire logo creation process so your logo will represent your company to the core. Based in Las Vegas, we're an online media marketing and PR company that knows the importance of visuals and content to help a business stand out from the crowd.

By: Alyssa Rao

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