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3 Ways To Improve Your Employees Brand Advocacy

Word of mouth is not only free advertising, but it’s also some of the best marketing a company can get. Some companies don’t even consider it, but each business has their own team of brand ambassadors to the world in the form of their every day employees. So how can you get your employees to become advocates for your business?

Arm them with information. Don’t just let them go through their day without knowing all of the exciting things your business does. Let them try out prototypes or get a sneak peak at advertising. Make them feel like insiders while at the same time arming them with exciting information to share with their friends on the outside.

Get them to fall in love. Nothing is stronger than an employee gushing about their new (or old) job. Challenge employees to do their best by creating a fun, open and diverse environment that embraces new ideas and change. Then they will not be able to resist raving about your company.

Give them opportunities to share. Sure, they may rave about your brand on Facebook, but why not get them in front of people in the community? Become involved in charity events and have employees volunteer to help out. Let them talk about how great your company is and mean every word of it.

Employees are the best brand advocates a company could ever had, so make sure that you make them happy and you won’t have to hire brand ambassadors; your employees will line up to play that part for free!

Please contact us for more branding strategies that can propel your business and bottom line.

By: Alyssa Rao


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