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Organically Improving Your Social Media Marketing

Most businesses now recognize that social media marketing Las Vegas is indispensable. Yes, you need to have a website and it also helps if it’s e-commerce enabled. But social media is a great way to be discovered by a number of people. All it takes is one person with many friends to notice you. If that person comments or tweets about you, all his/her friends are going to hear about you too. But how do you generate conversation about your business on the internet? Here are a few tips:

  1. Are You Trying Too Hard? Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook? If so, did you try very hard to make those friends? Did you browse around, look for people you were interested in knowing and write messages to complete strangers? Or did your group form organically through the people you actually know, their friends and the friends of their friends? If you want to get in someone’s face, you might as well do so through traditional advertising. Social media works in a different way. So it’s good to have social media accounts and update them regularly. But beware of coming across as too pushy.

  2. Are You Stylish? Many people misinterpret what it means to be stylish. Having a style doesn’t mean following any one trend. If you look around you, either on the street or at celebrities in magazines, you’ll find that certain people stand out because of their style. However, all of these people are quite different in the trends they adopt. So it helps if your product or service comes across as stylish but you can also choose to be stylish in one of many ways. In terms of your social media,

you can express your style in witty comments, sharp photographs, a colorful backdrop etc. Exactly what you choose to do is up to you but try to put some effort into the right look for your business.

  1. Are You Experimental? Often, businesses get into the habit of presenting themselves in one way. So they don’t really embrace change. The opportunity for increasing your sales might be right in front of you but you just pass it by. If you want to avoid doing this, you have to keep trying something different. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t do something that works. As long as it’s working, you should keep doing it. But it’s also a good idea to take out some time to try something different, whether it’s appealing to a new demographic, changing your style, changing the tone of your comments etc. You never know when one of these experiments is going to pay off.

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By Todd Levy

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