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The Top Social Media To Use Right Now

​Social media advertising, if you have not yet discovered, is swiftly becoming the first and last stop in any marketing plan. From the lemonade stand in the front yard to the largest soda companies, the top social media tools to use right now are where every business is now being made or broken, according to their success in understanding and putting to use these unique and demanding resources.

The Big Three

  • Facebook - If you feel you can only deal with one social site, this is the one you need to focus on, an absolute must in your marketing plan. Facebook's reach is astonishing and far beyond the ability of any other form of advertising no matter the format.

  • Twitter - This platform has almost the reach of Facebook, and should be the second thing on your marketing list. Tweets are a specialty item that require a truly knowledgeable user, so make sure the person in charge knows how to use the little nuances of the system.

  • Pinterest - If your business does not lend to attention attracting pictures, you can probably skip this one safely. However, if your business blends well with cute, sassy, or amazing images of any kind, Pinterest gives you a place to promote your business in the same visual way as print, at a far lower cost.

The Up and Comers

  • LinkedIn - Being essentially a place for professionals to create an interactive resume and make contact with other individuals or businesses, this platform fits neatly into the B2B model. So if most of your work is with other businesses rather than individual customers, make sure that LinkedIn is a big part of your marketing focus.

  • Google+ - The average user of Google+ makes it an ideal place for tech-driven industries. For some reason, the tech savvy have chosen this as their stomping ground, so if you are looking for them, head to this platform first.

Every business should take extra care that they are using these platforms to their best advantage. To ensure that you are getting the best possible social media advertising for your marketing dollar, contact us today and set up a consultation.

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