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Launching Apps Using Event Marketing

Launching Apps Using Event Marketing

Has your company created a killer app that's the "next big thing" and you're anxious to tell the world about it? Are you looking for a way to generate some buzz and maybe get some great images for social media, as well? Releasing a new app isn't as simple as putting out a press release and waiting for the downloads to begin.

It takes a lot of work to generate buzz online as well as in the real world, and that's where event marketing can help your promotions pick up the pace.

Get Social With Your Customers with Event Marketing.

What's more social than interacting with your customers in person? That's where events come in. Instead of drawing from your already-overworked staff members, you can effectively market your brand and attract attention through event marketing. Events are a great place to represent and promote your app, directly to your future users.

Before you plan an event, you'll want to have an understanding of who your potential customers are, and think about how to reach them.

Decide How You're Going to Promote the App

When you're getting ready to promote your app to customers in real life, you'll need to find a way to get them to download your app. Will you be handing out flyers? Postcards? Promotional items such as key chains or tote bags? What type of premiums will motivate them to download your app or recommend it to others?

How will the event make the launch memorable? When it comes to handing out your items, keep it simple, and make sure it makes sense. Don't hand out a boring key chain if you've got an exciting new game full of characters; think about what is important to your gamers, and make sure your handout is interesting to them.

Ideally, your event should be the place where the app is downloaded and used.

Decide How to Measure Your Goals

How do you plan on measuring your promotion's success? Ideally, you will have statistics tracking software set up on your website before the start of your campaign, and have the means to track your app downloads as well. You can configure Google Analytics to track your app downloads and various types of campaigns. Get it set up before your app launch, and make sure the right people are trained on using it.

Make Sure Your Promotions Use Experienced and Qualified Event Staff

Your event marketing staff is the face and the voice of your brand when it comes time to promote it, and they have a direct influence on how successful your promotion is. Because of this, it’s incredibly important to hire a team with experienced, qualified, and enthusiastic team members that understand your app, your potential customers, and the goals of your event.

Are you looking for more information on event marketing? Looking for some exciting ways to build some buzz around your app? Please feel free to contact us - we love to help plan exciting events.

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