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3 Tips on How to Spend Your Time on the Socials Wisely

One of the oddest advices that you will likely hear from experts is to stop wasting your time with social media. To many, this might sound negative, considering how big social media is today. But with the way many companies haphazardly do their social marketing campaigns, this can indeed look like a waste of time. So, here some useful tips to make sure that the time you allot for the socials is going to be worth the effort.

Tip no. 1: Clearing all the clutter

One of the biggest reasons why many businesses want to jump into the social media bandwagon is that it opens the door to a large number of potential customers. However, this is also where it can get very problematic, as you would be tempted to try and capture as many as you can in one go. Eventually, you will find yourself trying to keep up with too many people, but managing to engage only a few of them.

Courtney Seiter says that it would always help if you sort out your target audience, as well as the people that you are following. Focus only on those who give a positive response the first time around. When joining social media groups, go for only those which are most closely related to your desired audience. This will help you narrow down your list of targets considerably.

Tip no. 2: Watch the clock

If you really want to Stop Wasting Your Time With Social Media, then you need to take a look at how much you actually allot for it. Chances are, you are indeed spending too much time on the socials. Keep in mind that, even though social media has a large presence, it is still just one of the tools at your disposal.

But, the next question would be: how much time should you actually spend on social media? Here, SproutSpire says that there are really no clear cut rules, as this will depend heavily on the strategy you implement. However, you can still set both a minimum and a maximum amount of time for your social media sessions. You can also use onboard tools to keep track of how long you are spending and chart it for reference.

Tip no. 3: Let somebody else “waste” their time on it for you

If yours is a small business, chances are that you are the only one working on everything. This is where Glen Helbrooks says getting a social media specialist will be a big help. “He can see what you're doing that's engaging your audience and what's not working at all. He is constantly monitoring your social media analytics and making adjustments as your audience's focus shifts from day to night and season to season,” Helbrooks explained.

He also said that specialists are definitely going to be more familiar with the importance of social media, and thus be able to better align it to your company’s goals. They will also be able to focus it better to get good results.

So, stop wasting your time with social media and contact us today for needed help.

By: Todd Levy

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