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The Value of a Logo: Reflecting the Best of Who You Are as a Business

The value of a logo is much more than some in business realize, particularly because of the associative qualities to logos. All you have to do is think back to some of the best known logos in history and realize how much we've assimilated them into our lives. And that assimilation has probably shaped your life more than you remember. Just stop and think about what things come into your mind when you see the logo for McDonald's, Apple, or various retail chains.

No matter if it's good feelings, mixed feelings, or even negative thoughts, they all make you feel something. And that's your starting ground for realizing the value of what a logo can do for your business.

Standing Out from the Crowd

It might be more challenging today to create a logo that stands out from everyone else. That's because we're living in a hyper creative world now with a newly thriving business culture. Regardless, most logos aren't going to collide with each other, even if you should always do some research first. The logo you create helps give new meaning to the word "brand." You're essentially branding an image that people will associate with your business for possibly decades to come. If you're lucky enough to have your business go national, you have the possibility of being a part of national pop culture.

That's why you need to create something that's unique and can stick by you for years to come, even if other changes in your business take place.

Creating a Logo Reflects Who You Are

All businesses want to convey something that's meaningful, no matter if your industry is overly crowded. A logo can convey your values through a single image or even through the wording you use. Catchphrases are used all the time in logos and can reflect everything you want to stand for in the business world. While you have to make that catchphrase short, it's going to complement any images you use and be applicable 50 years from now

As part of this, you also want your logo to look professional so you can convey professionalism. A makeshift logo that looks like it was made in a garage may end up giving off negative perceptions of your business you don't want.

Logos Serve as an Emblem You Can Use Anywhere

If you're looking to expand your business nationally or overseas, your logo's value goes up in spades. You can use it to convey your company's purpose to new markets. They may already recognize your logo from prior exposure and already have an associative feeling behind it the minute they see it again.

Overall, the associative feeling behind your logo has to be a positive one. Whether it's the feeling of hunger, excitement, feelings of innovation, or intellectual stimulation, you have to set those feelings early so it gets ingrained into every mind.

Here at Crowd Siren we can help achieve that for you with our expert logo design team. We're an online communications and branding company located in Las Vegas with an excellent and experienced creative staff who understands the power of the logo and its perpetual monetary value.

Contact us so we can start working with you on a creative logo that represents exactly who you want to be.

By: Alyssa Rao

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