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Branding Your Company: Pick a Logo That Resonates with Customers

Forbes warns that there are plenty of ways to build and destroy a company’s brand. What will set the tone for a company’s image are its authenticity, customer service, product quality and identity. The latter becomes the visible part of your branding efforts in the form of a logo. Yet there are some pitfalls to avoid along the way.

  • The logo as an afterthought. Your corporate logo is too important to become a postscript to your business’s launch. Some of the most deceptively simple logos have been created with plenty of time and expert advice.

  • Colors and fonts jar. Red tones are notorious for creating problems for the uninitiated. A logo that is too complex will call for smaller fonts, which in return makes the whole creation difficult to see and read from even a short distance away.

  • Fonts do not match the business. Using the Comic Sans font is great for many a business – just not necessarily for the company that capitalizes on gravitas.

Doing it right calls for the assistance of a professional who has a firm pulse on what resonates with the customer. Business News Daily suggests that using the logo to project the image of a brand goes a long way to creating expectations in a consumer that your company can then meet and exceed. The insiders recommend a multi-pronged approach to logo design for successful branding.

  1. Looks good in all sizes. Whether it is larger than life on a billboard or small on a sticker or letterhead, the logo needs to look crisp. A scalable logo design makes a huge difference.

  2. Communicate your message. The logo should not overwhelm but succinctly get across your brand message. A minimum of fonts and colors does the trick.

  3. Keep it original. If there are 20 different companies selling widgets in your city, does your logo set you apart from the competition? It may be tempting to copy a successful company’s color scheme or logo setup, but remember that a consumer may not take the time to differentiate between the logos, which will count against you when the other company suddenly falls out of favor.

  4. Make it original. Your company is unique. Your logo should follow suit. Is your company edgy, conservative, aggressive or avant-garde? If so, your logo should reflect your company’s personality.

If logo design sounds like a tall order, do not worry! Crowd Siren is your go-to expert in the business. Contact us today to discuss your logo design and review the style elements that you have been considering.

By: Alyssa Rao


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