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Social Media is a Garden: Watching Your Internet Presence Take Hold and Prosper

Often, people who start using social media for their business feel like they’re sending their comments out into the void. The internet is so large and there are so many websites, blogs and social media pages out there. What are the chances that your social media page is going to be accessed by someone who might actually be interested in your product or service?

Social Media is a Garden

You have to keep in mind that social media is a garden. You start out by planting seeds in the soil and watering them everyday. You’re not going to see results immediately, but this doesn’t mean that the seeds haven’t sprouted. They are eventually going to turn into healthy plants and even trees, but you just have to be patient.

The Tipping Point

If you have ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point, you might be familiar with the idea that many products or services reach a tipping point i.e., that point when they go from being completely unpopular or unknown to extremely popular. He gives the example of Hush Puppies, a type of shoe that had almost gone completely out of fashion. The makers of Hush Puppies had decided to stop production, but suddenly, the shoes started taking off again. They were now being worn by a younger, hipper crowd that had decided that they were “cool!”

The Fruits of Hard Work

Gladwell is a big believer in the idea that the harder you work at something, the more you’re likely to succeed. He gives the examples of Bill Gates who spent hours in the computer lab at his school and the Beatles who performed together numerous times before becoming popular. You keep trying to get better at something and, initially, your efforts seem to fall short. However, you will eventually be successful.

Putting Effort into Social Media and Enjoying Yourself

When you start your social media pages, you may feel that you really have to try very hard just to get a few likes or followers. But if you keep going and get involved in the task, you’ll soon find that your likes and followers have grown immensely. The trick is to enjoy yourself in the process rather than thinking of it as a chore. Contact us for more information on using social media to grow your business.

By: Lauralie Ezra

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