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3 Creative Ways To Use Email Marketing: Combining Offers, Not Selling and Considering the Human Fact

A lot has already been said about the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing. The main advantage is that it’s free while the main disadvantage is that it can end up in spam or get deleted before even being opened. However, there are many fresh, creative ways in which you can use email marketing for your company or product.

  1. Combined Offers. People love it when you can give them more than one thing at one go. So it’s a good idea to collaborate with another company and give your customers a combined package. For example, if you sell back to school stationery and they sell backpacks, your customer’s back to school shopping can get done at one go. Your email can include details of both products and you can offer customers the option of buying both on either of your websites.

  2. Don’t Sell. This might seem contradictory, at first. After all, it’s called email marketing, so the object must be selling the product, service or company brand. But no one likes being sold something. Everyone likes it when buying the product is their own idea. Instead, try sending your customers emails with interesting facts or factoids. If it’s Christmas and you’re selling Christmas ornaments, you can tell customers about the origins of various Christmas traditions. When did people start having Christmas trees? When did charity become synonymous with Christmas? (Charles Dickens played a big role in this, with A Christmas Carol.) Your customers will start looking forward to emails like this and might even click on the link to buy something.

  3. The Human Factor. Often, people get really annoyed at emails which put forward unattainable ideals. If you’re selling lingerie, you don’t have to do it with a perfectly slim, perfectly toned model. You can use normal-looking models too. If you’re selling financial services, don’t put the focus only on big investors. Try to appeal to regular people too, so that they’ll come in with their little nest egg in hopes of watching it grow. If you’re selling classic books, keep in mind that not everyone understands literary criticism, so write in an approachable, friendly way.

These are some ways in which you can step outside the box when it comes to email marketing. Contact us for more information about growing and promoting your brand.

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