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4 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

A social media presence is essential for any business in today's connected world. Social media sites are exploding in popularity, with new ones sprouting up daily. If you're looking to get your business on social sites, you're probably wondering how best to approach this new opportunity. Getting on social media can be great for your business, but it can also hurt your profits if done incorrectly. Let's look at some social media mistakes that you should avoid when marketing your business.

1. Sharing Irrelevant Information On Your Business Page

Your business page should be just that—a page regarding business matters. Family and personal updates should be left to normal social media profiles. They have no place on business pages. That doesn't mean leave your business page blank, though. By all means include valuable content on your page—both original content and the work of others. You can post business articles within your specific industry, blog posts you have written, useful reviews, and updates on your products.

2. Incorrect Grammar

There's no denying that bad grammar sets off red flags on a business page. If a business doesn't bother to spell-check their page, what's to stop them from messing up your order out of carelessness? Incorrect spelling and grammar will send the message that your business is lazy and unmotivated, as if no one took the time to proofread your page.

3. Using A Bad Profile Picture

Your business profile picture should be professional and polished. If you use your own photo, make sure to dress nicely and wear a smile on your face. To look your best, open your eyes and have a friendly expression. No one wants to associate with someone who looks dull, bored, or distracted. If you want to use a company logo for your profile picture, make sure that it's high quality. Examine the logo in the smallest sized picture the social media site uses to see if any text is still legible.

4. Offensive or Socially Unacceptable Statements

Your business is going to start going downhill fast if you say things that offend people. Customers will leave your business if they feel that you're devoid of morals or lack integrity. So keep your branding efforts free of complaining and don't touch on issues that will upset people. Race, death, and politics are topics you should probably avoid.

Social media is a tool like any other that can be used to better your business. Stay active and consistent with your posts so people will know that your business is alive and well. Share your branding and get the word out while providing valuable content to keep people following you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help with your marketing strategy!

By Todd Levy

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