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Public Relations: Facilitating Expansion and Creating a Brand Name People Recognize

As your company grows, it becomes more and more important to start thinking about public relations as a separate, independent field. When you’ve just started a small business, you may be satisfied with small scale public relations. Most likely, you’ll be spreading the word about your company through your clients. You make one client happy and they’re likely to tell several more about your product or service. Plus, you can also start involving advertisements, both print and online to market your brand.

Company Expansion and Public Relations

When your company gets bigger, it’s not enough to just place advertisements or invoke word of mouth. You’re no longer in that space where you can be in touch with each and every client and make sure they’re happy. You have too many clients to deal with them all personally. Hopefully, you have executives who do this for you but you can’t do it all yourself.

This is where public relations comes in. Your company is now an entity in and of itself. Of course, it’s still attached to you but it’s also separate in some ways, because you can’t oversee everything. So it’s important to maintain a good public image. This can be done via coverage in newspapers, blogs, news stations, magazines, journals etc. Whether you’re making headlines through some groundbreaking research or just trying to promote a product that doesn’t always get coverage, we can help you in your efforts.

Creating a Name People Recognize

With the help of public relations, you can establish yourself at the forefront of your industry. Of course, working hard to please your clients is the most important thing but in order to attract new clients, you’ll need to use traditional and online media. You’ll need to put your company name out there where people can see it and start to relate to it.

This is something you probably experience as a customer all the time without realizing it. You make decisions about what brands to buy everyday. When you go to the grocery store looking for frozen food, certain names pop into your head, like Lean Cuisine or Stouffer’s. If you prefer organic food, Amy’s is the way to go. If you are looking for diet food, you might settle for WeightWatchers. These are all brands that are well-known for their specialties. And people hear about them through various media sources until the names become synonymous with the products. This is what you need to shoot for when it comes to public relations for your company or brand.

Contact us for more information on promoting your company via traditional and online media sources.

By: Lauralie Ezra

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