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How to Make Infographics a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t heard about them yet, infographics – short for “informational graphics” -- are popular and great ways to get information out to your current and potential customers in an easily understandable manner. People react positively to infographics. When they are attention-grabbing and noteworthy, folks are more likely to share them and comment on them. Here are three ways your business can use infographics to educate and engage your audience.

#1 Explain Something Complicated

No matter how simple or common your industry may be, someone out there doesn’t fully grasp some concept. Create an infographic with short, concise, pieces of information that explains the concept with relevant, eye-catching pictures. (Make sure the pictures are relevant! Don’t add them just because.) Infographics make complicated written concepts, much more visibly consummable, and add fantastic value to your community.

#2 Share New Developments in Your Industry

Let’s say you’re in the business of selling auto insurance. Create an infographic about Google’s new self-driving cars. What is the deal with them? How is this going to affect your customers’ insurance policies? Any infographics like this will hit both the educate and engage buttons.

#3 Share Your Infographic Everywhere

You put all this hard work into this infographic, made sure it is educational and interesting, intriguing and shareable. Now make sure people can find it! The obvious places are your company blog and email newsletter. Don’t forget popular social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest, and less-common outlets like Reddit and Imgur.

By choosing to add infographics to your strategy, you can provide value to your community in a multitude of ways. By following these tips, you can supplement your traditional content marketing with some power packed infographics.

Please contact us to learn more in depth content marketing strategies to super charge your business.

By: Alyssa Rao

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