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Outbound and Inbound Marketing Needs - We Can Help!

There are many reasons why you might need the services of a marketing firm in Las Vegas. Whether you’re trying to increase sales or just generally improve your company image, there are many things you can do that will help to spread the word about your company. Of course, the exact type of marketing that will be most useful to you depends on your aims.

Outbound Marketing

Some firms go in for more aggressive outbound marketing campaigns because they want to see immediate results. Outbound marketing generally consists of reaching out to your customer in some way. You can do this via regular mail, by sending out flyers, catalogs, brochures, newsletters etc.

You can also do it on the internet via email marketing. The advantage of email marketing is that it doesn’t cost anything to send an email. You might spend money on coming up with the marketing email, especially if you get it done professionally. You might also spend some money on getting lists of consumers who are interested in your product. But you don’t actually have to spend on sending the email itself.

Advertising in print publications and on websites is also another form of outbound marketing. Telemarketing also involves reaching out to your customer via the telephone.

Inbound Marketing

Most of us have received marketing materials in our mailboxes and inboxes at one point or the other and more often than not, we tend to throw them away. This is why the latest trend has moved away from outbound marketing and towards inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is not about reaching out to a customer who may or may not be interested in your product or service. It’s all about spreading information and being in a state of readiness when your customer reaches out to you.

Let’s say that someone hears about your product or service, either verbally, from a friend, or through a Facebook like. If they feel interested in what you’re selling, their first impulse is going to be to do a search for your product or company on the internet. They’ll probably check out your website, blog and social media pages, if you have any. They’ll try to get as much information as they can before they decide whether they’re really interested.

So it’s in your best interests to make sure that you’re prepared to give them all the information they need. This can be done via inbound marketing which basically involves having as much information as possible on your website, blog and social media pages to keep the attention of your prospective customer. Of course, you can’t give them a surfeit of information either, so it helps to keep your content short and sweet.

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By: Lauralie L. Ezra

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