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Using “Connectors,” “Mavens” or “Salesmen” To Succeed at Public Relations

There are many different reasons why a person or a product becomes popular. According to Malcolm Gladwell, there is a “tipping point” when something goes from being just normally successful to being enormously so. And the reason why this happens is because of the work done by three kinds of people, referred to as connectors, mavens and salesmen. Read on for some tips about how you can use this theory to advance your public relations efforts.


Connectors are people who are just really sociable. They get along with others. They can talk to anyone. They know a lot of people and go to a lot of events. They have huge social networks online. And they keep introducing people, thus forming connections or networks, even in real life. When you’re trying to work on PR for your company, you need to catch the eye of a connector. This can be done by networking, either in real life or online. Connectors are the type of people who can help your product or service go viral. If you can get a connector to endorse your product or service, you’re likely to cross the tipping point.


Mavens are people who are just very knowledgeable about things. Others turn to them when they want a recommendation for something. A maven is likely to do a lot of research before buying a particular product. They want to know the ins and outs of everything. But once they’re convinced, they will recommend your product or service to people that they know. So if you’re trying to improve your PR, do some networking and try to find some mavens. They’re out there in the population and you probably know a few already. You just don’t know that you know them.


Everyone’s met that charismatic character who has sold you on something whether you wanted to buy it or not. The true characteristic of salesmen is that they really believe what they’re saying and they want to share their good fortune with everyone else. They’re enthusiastic and they draw people to them. Every company needs to find good salesmen for its team. You can tell when someone possesses the right characteristics at the interview itself. Charisma is an intangible thing. You feel drawn to a person but you don’t exactly know why. And when you think about them later, you get a good feeling.

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By: Todd Levy


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