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5 Tips for Long-Term SEO

SEO is the process of writing content so that your website will get picked up by Google, Bing or any other search engine and show up towards the top of any search related to what you do. “Search engine optimization” might sound like a complex term but it is actually a simple process. Eventually, if the kind of writing you feature on your website is what people respond to, you will get good rankings in the long term. So here are a few commonsensical SEO tips:

  • Using Keywords Moderately. Not only have search engines wised up to the overuse of keywords, the fact is that people don’t like this kind of writing. If you’re stuffing the same keyword into every sentence of a one-page article, you’re likely to lose your reader by the end of the first paragraph. So use keywords but only 2-3 times per page. You’ll keep your readers focused and interested so that they keep coming back in the long run.

  • Keeping It Short. When people are reading on the internet, they don’t have as much patience as when they’re reading a book. It’s very difficult to read paragraph after paragraph of information when what you really need is a quick and dirty guide to your topic. So try to keep your writing short.

  • Subheadings, Bullet Points, Lists Etc. Once again, the average reader on the internet doesn’t have much patience. So it really helps them if you divide your content into shorter sections using subheadings, bullet points, lists etc. this way, the person will be able to look at the headings in bold first and decide if they already know this information or if they need to read it. They can also choose to read selectively.

  • Reliability. You have to make your content seem reliable if you want people coming back in the long run. If all your articles are written by one (fictional) person and contain a number of advertising links rather than real information, you’re not going to come across as reliable. Instead, put yourself in the customer’s place and try to figure out what information they need about the topic. Then proceed to give them that.

  • To Sell or Not To Sell? It’s very easy to write content of a salesy, promotional nature. After all, there are no doubt some very good points about the product or service you’re trying to sell. At the same time, you need to ask yourself if this is actually going to serve your purpose. When people read this kind of content, they tend to tune out after a while. It’s only when they’re getting real information that they pay attention. So this is what you should give them to improve your long-term SEO.

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By: Todd Levy


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