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Traditional Advertising and Social Media Working Together: The Art of Cross-Promotion

Traditional advertising and social media have been locking horns for close to a decade now as the assumption continues that online marketing should be a primary focus. While some might think TV advertising is far from in a golden era, we're still seeing a lot of clever ad campaigns out there in traditional circles. What makes them unique is that when you go online, you're frequently seeing what you see on TV integrated onto the net. If you peruse various popular sites every day, you'll regularly see ads on pages using the ubiquitous Flo character from Progressive Insurance, or even Geico.

Yes, the insurance industry seems to have a major foothold in the integration of traditional advertising and social media. You'll even have automatic videos start playing on some websites that play the exact same commercial you've seen countless times on TV. Sometimes that means a "promoted tweet" on Twitter where corporations pay to have a video or ad placed in everyone's live feed.

It's an example of how the integration of traditional advertising and social media has already begun. While the process is working for major corporations, what about the smaller, local business? The same thing can be done using free online tools that can help your transfer something from traditional media over to the online world.

The Use of Youtube and Social Media Promotional Tools

If you go on Youtube regularly, you're going to see thousands of videos every day promoting both local and national companies. It's really become the haven for advertising online, and many of them apply creative ads that try to capture your attention.


However, the crossover of something in traditional media over to Youtube isn't being done enough lately in the marketing of businesses. Why not take a video of a news story recently featuring your business and place it on Youtube as part of your advertising?

For a local business, this already saves money on having to produce an all-new online commercial. And while you can incorporate that media news story into a new ad, the ability to show you've had media recognition to an online audience just now discovering you can bring a lot of new customers. It can also help in SEO when you post that video over on your business website, plus Facebook.

On your site, it's easy to upload print ads that appeared in newspapers, magazines, or other tangible publications. While you'll want to get a high-quality scan of those ads so they appear professional, promoting them on places like Facebook and Twitter also brings a new following without having to spend a fortune on a slick new ad campaign.

In fact, Twitter now has a lot of ways you can employ things from traditional media right into one tweet. With their recent addition of GIFs, you can take an image from a commercial and turn into a meme for marketing purposes. Also, with Instagram still being used widely on Twitter, posting high-quality scans of printed stories or ads can capture those who only get all their news online and nowhere else.

Here at Crowd Siren, we exist to help businesses think creatively like this in integrating traditional media with social media. We believe this integration is cross-promotional in many ways where one helps the other. When you can successfully cross-promote, you create a more varied audience that appreciates your attention to two different mediums.

Contact us so we can start working with you on this kind of marketing integration to prove to you how well it works. Located in Las Vegas, we'll work hard to make sure we develop a strategic plan for your traditional and social media marketing.

By: Alyssa Rao

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