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Tips from a Branding Agency To Make Your Web Design Visually Appealing

Sometimes, people think that they need to use garish color combinations on their websites in order to catch the customer’s eye. They might also believe that they need to liberally sprinkle their text with the words “free” and “zero.” However, think back to the last time you actually saw a website that looked like this. Did you stop to peruse it for more than two seconds? If not, read on for a few tips from a PR Agency in Las Vegas to making your web design visually appealing.

  1. Neutrals vs. Bright Colors. Using blue, cream and beige may seem a little bit dull but the fact is that people usually respond to these colors. The human brain is hardwired to see blue as a trustworthy color, which is why witnesses in court are often told to wear blue. The same applies to your website. Blue is a cool, relaxing color. A rich cream or a charcoal gray also makes a good impression. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use bright colors at all but try to do so sparingly because a little bit of red goes a long way!

  2. Solid Colors vs. Patterns. If you have a lot of patterns on your web page, this can make it difficult for your customer to concentrate on what you’re actually trying to say. The patterns can become distracting. Instead, try to use solid colors as much as you can and intersperse with patterns only when you’re trying to create a certain effect.

  3. Composition. The composition of your web page is everything. The main thing when it comes to composition is to create a feeling of balance. The page should not seem top heavy or bottom heavy. If you have an arresting image on top, you can balance it out with a bright color on the bottom. If you’re inserting a small image on the left, you can put the next small image on the right. The customer’s eye should not be drawn to only one part of the web page but should flow naturally from the top to the bottom.

  4. Bullet Points, Lists, Subheadings etc. In order to make your text more appealing and readable, you have to divide it into sections with bullet points, subheadings etc. Not only does this make your web page more visually striking, it also adds a degree of convenience because it enables people to read what they want and skip the sections they already know about.

Contact us for more tips to make your website visually appealing.

By Lauralie Ezra

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