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Your Credentials Can Help Your Online Business Branding

Dealing with online business branding can sometimes be a little elusive when you're trying to carve out a unique identity. One reason is because online businesses might have trouble showing their brand if they don't have a tangible product people can see. Some online businesses merely provide a service that needs some element of branding to stand out from similar services. Perhaps your own online business is in this same predicament where branding becomes more challenging to manage.

What can you do to possibly brand yourself in the above scenario? Your best choice is to display information from stats and customers to prove how unique you are from your competition.

Show What Customers Think of Your Service

Testimonials from customers may sound more like your promotional plan, but it can also stand in as a form of branding. One reason is because customers can show proof of how you stand out from businesses employing similar services. Customers aren't going to lie in testimonials, so using them in a video you place on your website can be the best form of branding. When they say your customer service is exemplary when providing your service, you may already be singled out from the majority who don't typically provide such treatment.

Promoting Other Outside Recognitions

You'll soon find that presenting promotional material complements branding perfectly. By showing other recognitions on your site from organizations or the media, it shows your integrity stands alone from others who haven't received the same recognition. While it may look like boasting, don't feel guilty about showing the recognitions you've received. Media stories, especially, can be particularly flattering. They're also a chance to show some background about your company without you having to pay for a new video production showing the same.

Show Legitimacy in Your Industry

By proving your credentials, you're also carving out a brand. When it comes to providing services, some businesses don't always have evidence of credentials to back up their professional claims. On your site, show proof of your education, certifications, or awards you've received from people in your industry. Especially when it's a technical service, customers are going to want to do business with those who prove they know what they're doing and not just self-taught. True professionalism is the best type of branding you'll ever do.

Be Accessible to Everyone

Despite being professional, you don't want to be using terms on your site that nobody can understand. As part of your online branding, try to use simple language on your site and make your service easy to understand and approachable if it's a technical field. No matter if you're a B2B company, accessibility is going to be important so everyone can understand what you do and how you can fix a problem.

Here at Crowd Siren, we're here to help you navigate the online world with your business through the best branding and marketing avenues. Contact us so we can start working with you to create a perfect strategy in shaping your personal brand through an online presence.

By Lauralie Ezra

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