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Change Your Company Image

Sometimes, your product may go from being popular among one group of people to being trendy within a different demographic. Malcolm Gladwell gives the example of Hush Puppies which were a yuppie, middle-aged phenomenon but suddenly became all the rage among hipsters. When your product’s demographic changes, you need to change your company image as well. Different groups of people react better to different styles and tones. A Las Vegas ad agency can help you to create a new company image in the following ways:

  • Changing your image on traditional media. If you already have a traditional media campaign going on TV, print and billboards, you’ll need to make some changes. This doesn’t only mean that you should change the ads themselves. Sure, you can replace ads that appeal to middle-aged people with ads that appeal to hipsters. But you also have to make sure that the ads are placed where your new demographic is going to see them. For example, your new demographic may be the kind that reads Cosmopolitan magazine rather than Real Simple. Cosmo appeals to younger women whereas Real Simple is geared towards older women. So you’ll need to make sure that your new ads are placed in Cosmo, not Real Simple.

  • Changing your image on the internet. When your demographic changes, you’ll need to update your website and social media pages. As you may know, younger people tend to use the internet more than older ones. So if your demographic is now younger, it becomes more important to blog, comment and tweet than it was before. Of course, you’ll also need to change your tone, keeping it funny and frivolous for younger people but more serious for older ones. Sometimes, you might need to do a complete overhaul of your website while, at other times, subtle changes will be enough.

  • Integrating the Changes. While you go about changing your company image, you might want to think about the things that you are happy with and want to keep and the things that you want to throw. There are probably aspects of your company that you feel proud of. For example, if you are known for your high level of customer service, you want to still keep emphasizing that. If you’re known as the kind of place employees love to work for, you still want to keep that aspect of your image. However, you might want to come across as more stylish or more up-and-coming. So these are things that you’ll want to change. A Las Vegas ad agency can help you to maintain the good stuff and change the things that are beginning to seem outdated.

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By Lauralie Ezra


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