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3 Ways to Incorporate Keywords into your Content.

A great deal has been written about the importance of keywords when it comes to increasing your search rankings online. At times, keywords have been touted as having the ability to magically improve your SEO. At other times, they have been denounced as plain old bad writing. Which of these extremes are you supposed to believe when it comes to keywords? Could it be that the truth lies somewhere in the middle? You can use keywords to improve SEO but you also need to pay attention to other aspects of the craft. You can’t expect to write a bad article with little or no information, cram it with keywords and expect to garner tons of hits. Here are a few good ways to incorporate the usage of keywords in your SEO without it feeling forced:

  1. Same Keyword, Different Context. One great way to use keywords in your articles, blog posts or other types of content is by changing its context. The key is to take keywords that are trending but place them in a different context so that you don’t become one of the many sites reporting the same news in the same way. For example on 8/21/2014, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas’ split is big news, with the main keyword being “Melanie Griffith.” However, there are already a number of websites writing about this. If you want to stand out, you might want to write about Melanie Griffith but give your article a different spin or title—maybe something based on Griffith’s upcoming movie releases.

  1. Keyword Variety. Another great way to use keywords is by incorporating keyword variety into your content. There are a number of keywords that may be relevant to your topic. For example, if you’re writing about real estate, you can use the keywords “real estate,” “house hunting,” “apartment shopping,” “new home,” “best real estate agent,” “single family home,” “buying real estate in Las Vegas,” “selling real estate in Nevada,” “interior design tips,” “moving help” etc. There are so many different keywords which are relevant to your industry and the more keywords you use, the more you’re likely to show up in a number of searches.

  2. Underused Keywords. A third way of utilizing keywords is to deliberately look out for underused keywords which have a large audience. These are word that have high search, but low competition. There are certain things that might attract the notice of a lot of people but, for some reason or the other, no one is writing about them yet or maybe no one is buying ads on those words. Maybe they didn’t do their research? If you can take an underused keyword or an underused topic and make it your specialty, you’ll beat everyone else the punch. They might start following your example and writing about that topic but you’ll already be the acknowledged expert on it by the time they get started. We can help you research blog topics and keyword ideas that will improve your search ranking over time.

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By Lauralie Ezra

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