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3 of the Best Halloween Marketing Campaigns We've Seen

Halloween is an exciting time of year for everyone. Kids get to dress up, parents get to go to parties, and marketers get the chance to stretch their creative wings. Most companies are still waiting to unleash their 2014 campaigns, so let's take a look at the best Halloween marketing from 2013.

Snickers "Horseless Headsman"


With an entertaining commercial, Snickers was able to incorporate Halloween into its normal advertising. They didn't come up with a completely new phrase or tagline. Instead, they found a way to make "you're not you when you're hungry" work with Halloween. The result is a hysterical video that's still memorable a year from its release.

Tide, on the other hand, used a completely different tagline for its Halloween Marketing. Tides' "ScaredStainless" hashtag was a great example of using humor to reach out to consumers. There's also a good bit of irony there, since Tide isn't really known for being the most edgy brand. Either way, their Vine campaign was effective, funny, and memorable. Haunted Hotels used Halloween as an opportunity to show how big the site has grown. Their strategy was somewhat similar to Snickers in that it didn't deviate too much from their normal marketing efforts. invited users to search their site to stay at "haunted" hotels. The ingenious part is that they didn't make up fake hotels for people to search. They simply invited users to explore into their website to see how many hotels they really have listed. This is especially important in their particular industry, since just about every site claims to have the biggest hotel listing. Well, used Halloween as a chance to prove that they really have the most hotels.

If you missed Halloween marketing in 2013, be sure to take advantage of it this year.

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By Todd Levy

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