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Why You Shouldn't Dominate Conversation on Social Media

Because of the personal qualities on social media, businesses have to approach the platform differently than they would traditional marketing. Social media isn't the time for your business to do 100% of the talking. It's your time to listen to followers and respond to their inquiries. At least that's what successful social media strategies look like. Some businesses still treat social media like free advertising. They post content, promote new products, and talk about their business. This strategy may work great for traditional marketing, but it's missing all of the qualities that are necessary for social media interaction.

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A recent Entrepreneur article explains why social media is different from free advertising. Because of the style of communication on the platform, the article suggests comparing social media to a normal conversation:

"Social media is not just free advertising. Think about this: Are you more likely to help out a friend that’s been there for you or someone who approaches you in the street just to ask for money? Keep sales pitches to a minimum on social media, similar to how you would behave with your friends in real life."

We all know people who won't stop talking about themselves until they need something. This is the archetype that your business needs to avoid being on social media.

Instead of using social media as free advertising, take it for what is really is: a unique marketing opportunity to communicate with followers on a personal basis. You don't have to worry about communicating with the masses or designing messages that will please everybody. You just need to interact with followers and give them the attention they deserve. That's it.

If you think your social media strategy needs some adjustments, consider talking to experts who understand the intricacies that make social media special.

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