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What Your Business Must Do Concerning Online Marketing in 2015

The start of the new year is a great time to update your online marketing strategy. This represents a turning point where you start to incorporate new trends, platforms, concepts, and goals to your already thorough strategy. The following are four essential components that you absolutely must include in your plan:



You see, when we say "mobile," we don't just mean making sure consumers can view your website on mobile devices. You have to make sure that you use something like responsive design to optimize your mobile experience. When you send out marketing emails, you need to adapt them for smartphones and tablets. The content you post on social media even has to be compatible on mobile browsers.

Mobile isn't simply a factor in your online marketing strategy. It's a mentality that you must adapt throughout your planning.

Social media

We expect social media to become even more important in 2015. Businesses now must have accounts not just on LinkedIn, but also on Facebook and Twitter. You should also think about Instagram and Pinterest if they fit your brand attitude. Monetization on social media will help increase ROI of social media marketing.


To have something to say on social media, you'll need to create your own content. You can also share this on your website and include it in marketing emails. Remember that you're not just doing this for your health; creating content is the best way to increase your page rank on Google.


Despite advancements made by other digital marketing platforms, email won't go away. It still has the best ROI of any online marketing practice and allows companies to send personalized messages to their target audience.

Online marketing in 2015 will be more of what we saw in 2014: social media, email, and content. The game-changer will be the monetization of social media marketing.

To talk about more about your online marketing strategy for 2015, or anything else, please contact us.

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